Revival in Families is a Must

Families that have withstood the test of time, seen success and maintained it for generations have passed down a wealth that is more than money; they have passed down a legacy. They have shared stories, habits, traditions. They have built a stronghold of stability within the fortress of their empires. As they have evolved, they have studied the past and improved on the future. Each time the torch has been passed from one monarch to another, they have linked arms to become stronger, better, more innovative, more resourceful, better educated, better communicators and healthier, in mind, spirit and body.

If you look at revival history, you’ll see a similar pattern of success in reflection to the success of the people within them. You’ll see the lay of the land and the habits of the people coming forth to form these movements of awakening and the strength of their prayer time in private.

Let’s not have another spark that fizzles out because we are personally weak. Let’s study the legacy left behind and link arms to improve the kingdom to which we belong. Let’s be innovated and resourceful. Let’s trust leadership and build unity as we walk into the next great move of God. Let’s strengthen where we have seen past weakness and build a fortress of holiness that is unparalleled.

Time is ticking into another great move of God. Let’s bow our heads and pray that we, and everyone around us, are sensitive and prepared in the secret place, to all that God has to offer and can see and hear when the clock strikes and the awakening has truly begun.



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The above is context of the seed and harvest connection with the mentioned scriptures.

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