The favor in Olean, NY at the first Revival Harvest America Crusade was amazing! So many from outside of the city flew in from NY, and from as far as California, Hawaii, Australia, Canada, and Sweden. God truly birthed a first-fruit Harvest Movement!
The first night started with a visit and blessing from the city Mayor. There were so many Great Miracles and Salvations! At one point there was 15 testimonies of blindness and vision miracles at the end! 
-Check Out These Miracles-
Day 2
The second day saw
over 2,000 people reached in the feeding outreach and street evangelism in the streets and park. There were many that responded to the Gospel and great miracles. We had testimonies of the lame walking, tumors being healed, and many freed from addiction and suicide.
“Volunteers from around the world travel to bring food, and love, to Olean”
There was also a front page article in the Olean Herald city paper. There is a great prophetic statement in the article if you take a moment and read through it below!
Day 3
The third day saw a Outlaw Biker Associate with the Hells Angels, attended our Revival harvest America crusade from the street & gave his life too Jesus this morning and received Healing Prayer for cancer and 26 years of Heroin addiction.
Our Mission Director Darcy Cummer baptized 12 people on behalf of Todd Bentley and FreshFire Ministries in the Olean City swimming pool.
The final night in Olean, NY
Todd anointed all those in attendance with oil!
Thank You!
Thank you to all who served, prayed, sowed and cheered! Jesus was exalted and many responded to the Gospel! There was great Hope, Recovery and Restoration! The Oil flowed in Olean! We had forty-one official sponsoring churches who invested greatly, all from the East Coast! You all made this happen! The next stop is California!
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